Slushie Machine Hire Perth From $99 With Jukebox Hire.

Twin Slushie Hire Perth(20 ltrs)

Slushie machine hire Perth with extra large twin slushie bowls,(20 LTRS) enough slushie for up to 75 people, supplied with cups and spoon straws, comes on it’s own slushie machine stand.Only quality mixes supplied not weak and tasteless like some slushie suppliers.



large twin slushie hire Perth



twin slushie hire Perth

Single Slushie Machine Hire

(4.5 ltrs)


Single Bowl Slushie  Machine delivered and setup incl 30 cups, spoon straws and one standard mix

Single Slushie Hire

single slushie hire perth

We can supply a sturdy table if required.


What is the difference between the standard and the cocktail mix?

Though both are good, the cocktail syrups have special flavoured essences added to mimic the original cocktails, even if you don’t want to add alcohol, (mocktails).

Can I add alcohol?

Alcohol can be added to any of our flavours, STANDARD OR COCKTAIL but, to reduce the amount of time to freeze, add the alcohol to the machine once the slush mix has already frozen.

Do I add alcohol in place of water?

No, do not change the mix at all, 1 part syrup to 4 parts water, then when frozen pour alcohol onto the mixture in the machine and it will mix in.

How much alcohol can you add?

Usually add 700ml – 1000ml per one full bowl of slush in the machine, a standard machine bowl will hold 10 litres of frozen slush.

Can I just use cordial?

Our syrups are manufactured specifically for use in slushie machines, which have the correct brix levels. That is the ratio of sugar to water. These levels have to be exact to prevent damage to the machine.

Do the syrups contain sugar?

Yes, all our syrups contain sugar as it is the sugar to water ratio that causes the soft ice slush to form.

What occasions are Slushies good for?

Functions, parties, fairs and fetes use them anywhere for any occasion. With many flavours to choose from Slushies are always a hit.

Handy Tips for your Slushy Machine –

  • To save time, you can pre mix syrup and store in a fridge so when needed it will freeze more quickly, this is helpful when large volumes are likely to be used, parties, fetes etc.
  • If adding alcohol, do so when syrup is already frozen, mix syrup correctly and fill your machine, once frozen then add the required amount of alcohol into the mixture.
  • Keep your machine well ventilated, it needs room on each side to “breathe” and will overheat and refuse to freeze if you don’t give it enough space


Standard Slushie Flavors:

Strawberry, Blue Heaven, Tropical, Grape, Cola.

We Supply Strawberry with Single, Blue Heaven and Strawberry with twin, if no flavour is specified when booking.Both very popular. Adult flavors have to be ordered in we need at least 2 weeks notice.

Adult Flavors EXTRA $10 Per Mix

Watermelon Mai Tai
Watermelon, Pineapple,
Lime and Cranberry

Sex on the Beach
Peach, Cranberry
and Orange

Cranberry, Orange,
Lime and Strawberry

Melon and

Fruit Tingle
Orange, Banana, Pineapple
and Passionfruit

Mango Daiquiri
Sensational real
Mango Daiquiri

Original Lemon
Lime Margarita

Lime flavoured cocktail
with a hint of mint

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